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From the riverhead to the mouth

Angella Conte, born in Jaboticabal, presents an exhibition where all the pieces fit together like a great system giving a speech to the preservation of water reserves of the planet. On the basis of the exhibition space, in the case, the Forest Museum “Octávio Vecchi) and its surroundings, the artist creates a series of works that reflect about art, nature and human actions. It is exactly for that intimate relationship that the work has with the place which state that her work is very contemporary, as the area has been, since the beginning of the
modern art, an element to be taken into account at the time to think of any expositive project .
But beyond the character of manifest and social denunciation which permeates the entire exhibition, the work proposed an expansion in the way that you usually conceives the relationship of man with nature. The activation of the memory of a landscape that has no more (or may disappear soon), the experience with nature transformed into an experience with images, the joy we feel to observe the course of a river transposed to a museum ( place of aesthetic contemplation by excellence), are some of the sensations that the work arouses. The artist shows pictures, videos, three-dimensional works, finally the most diverse media to amplify the public debate on this issue as current as relevant today.

Andrés I. M. Hernández
Sao Paulo in February 2009

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