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The aspirations of my production are established in the interrelationship   created between the individual and his environment, basing his stories, trade and remains. From this thought, arise issues that embody the projects, usually I choose a subject that bothers me or attracts me   and I begin materializing the project no matter the media. The final result may be; objects, photography, installation, videos, intervention or performance.


It’s part of my construction process reusing materials, and the objects which  I work are the objects that I find or find me and are related to my daily routine and the everyday symbolic of this. Also the images from this daily routine   that form a file to be used later.


In my last projects, there is a strong presence of  men’s action in relation to the environment, not with an activist thought but behavioral. Nothing is ever permanent or stationary,  there is a process of research, a way of approaching the world not as a precise series of truths, but in terms of questions and possibilities.


No matter the scenario, the protagonist is always the human being, between the desire and lack. The engine that drives the work is always the dilemma of human life facing endless possibilities. 

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