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Angella Conte is an artist who collects things. At first, she collects by looking at the objects around her; in the city and its breathing and waste; at what people leave behind them, marks on objects and cities. As the artist collects, in practice she gathers things; she takes in things, takes photos, and photos and photos. All these things she gathers, she gives them back to the world with a new status, these things that were worthless suddenly have a new meaning.
Up to 2004, the artistic production of Angella Conte was predominantly made in stone, but even then, before introducing photographic and installation practices in her work, there always was that drive to collect and the affectionate trace of her poetry: the cutting and carving a form in stone was a first attempt to search the encounter with the inscrutable part of the world. In 2006, this tendency became clear as the artist took photographs of the quarries of marble extraction and chose to give the name of the local workers as title of the photos.
From this work on, her aesthetic investigation was marked by the utilization of all the stages included in the work: the growing involvement with the people, the things, the waste, will determine the opening of her production to several languages, resulting in work series – and no more single or more pieces – that do not exclude anything from the process, not the sound and not the context, really nothing, but everything becoming raw material for the expression of a restless search.

Juliana Monachesi
São Paulo, March 2008

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