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Angella Conte when creates a reality, she builds a world that has never been seen and in an appropriate light comes out instigative images.
In an open vision of the world, there isn’t a single state or a limit, the conscience can also be understood as a party in motion. Nothing is permanent or stationary, there is an investigation process, a way to approach the world not as a series of accuracy truth, but about question and possibilities, often unexpected configurationssuch as a purpose of acting at the same time on the instinct and intellect.
Angella deals with camera or the video in the same way she deals with the paintbrush. In this work the important is the original ideas and not only the marks of the artist’s hands on the work.
She collects objects belonging to our daily routine, from discarded object without apparent any utility, to souvenirs of visited places, notes from friends, most of the spoken subjects are all familiar…It is one inorganic waste, which do not rot and you can’t discard, similar with our own memory.
In this work they were not made only to be seen: Her vision should put in movement a production of ideas in the spectator, considering the spectator as a active part of the process.

Vera Martins
Visual artist - São Paulo- 2009 /august

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