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The sense of things

In Angella’s work the landscape takes place of importance between the themes selected by
the artist. This relationship with landscape/nature isn’t contemplative. The message that criticize put us in front of the environment problems that we watch without a proper manifestation. When we become silent, the art speaks .
In this field aesthetic/politic that work as From riverhead to mouth and Environment act as
reflection agents, directing our look to questions that, for convenience, we leave behind. If the exuberant sound and images of a waterfall of the river presented climate of suspensions by a blue lighting can be understood as a poetic combination full of visual, the artist alerts for a possible future scarcity: although its beauty, this river may not exist one day.
The passage of time and the scars formed in consequence of this are same of the dilemmas present in this production that launches a war cry.

Rafael Maldonado
Campo Grande- july 2010

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