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I Made Here My Place

In the individual exhibition I made here my place, one finds assembled in the Verve gallery a surprising set of 25 works from the artist from São Paulo, Angella Conte. Those are collages, sculptures, objects and a video installation. The works selected for this exhibition include the period starting in the decade of 2000 until now. Based on the research on materials and images through the process of artistic production, Angella Conte reedit pieces from archives and memory with the skills of someone who invites us to perceive her world of inspirations and references. It is outstanding that several of her art pieces contain visual and written notes about the social relations artistically established in contact with the urban and natural landscapes that surround her. 

As if we were about to enter a space suitable to learning the rules of a new game based on multiple possibilities and temporal combinations, such personal narratives are shared as intuitionsand experiences. There are comments regarding the changing of seasons, the different types of vegetation and geography, dilemmas from the subjectivity of life and stories full of symbolic residuals beyond the collective daily life.  


In I made here my place, Angella Conte is able to amplify the notion of what really matters: we do not lose what we love when time goes by; but under an elastic effect, it becomes apparent an illusory sense that things, moments and living beings can be at our side forevermore.    


Marcio Harum

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